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Alana Kogan Troconis '30

Alana Kogan Troconis ‘30 spent time in Argentina this summer, where she won first place in a snow skiing competition. New to Gulliver Prep this school year along with her sister Alegria ‘32, she also enjoys swimming and tennis. 

Read on to learn about how Alana became interested in skiing, her competitive journey, and more.

This summer, you won a snow skiing competition in Argentina. Can you tell us a little more about the competition?

The race was August 5-6. It was located in the mountain of Cerro Bayo, Argentina. There were two races that week. In the first one, called Copa Jean-Pierre, I won second place. In the second one, called Copa Cerro Bayo, I won first place!

How did you discover you had a passion for skiing?

Alana Kogan Troconis '30

When I was a one year old I saw my parents skiing and it looked fun. So, I begged them to take me skiing and when they did, I fell in love with the sport.

When and how did you become interested in snow skiing competitively?

I became interested in skiing competitively because, in everything I do, I like to take it competitively. I have done four competitions, including the one I just did. There was one in Aspen which I got first place in, another one in San Martin, Argentina, which I got seventh place in and in GS (Giant Slalom) I got disqualified, and in my first race I got seventh place and in GS I got disqualified.

What is your favorite thing about skiing?

Everything! I absolutely love everything about it.

As a new student at Gulliver, what are you most excited about for this school year?

I am excited about making new friends and everything.


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