The Support Services team assists diverse learners as they realize their full potential, and offers several levels of academic support across the PK-12 curriculum. The most individualized level of intervention is offered by the Academic Resource Program (ARP), a PK-12 department within the Support Services office. The goal of ARP is to support students’ learning by expanding their understanding of individual strengths and needs, and developing skills and strategies that can assist them in becoming more effective and successful in the classroom with increased independence. This service is available to all Gulliver students on the Marian C. Krutulis PK-8 Campus and Upper School and Upper School Miller Drive Campuses for an additional fee.

The ARP per-session charge includes individual assessment, classroom observations, prescriptive programs, and close communication with faculty and parents. These services are conveniently provided on campus during school hours. Ongoing consultation with parents to assist in the understanding of their child’s specific learning needs fosters a critical partnership between the school and the families in the program.

At the Marian C. Krutulis PK-8 Campus, experienced ARP clinicians specialized in reading or special education work within the framework of a five-step clinical teaching model.  The clinicians use assessment data to identify strengths and needs in all foundational skills. An intervention is tailored for individual students and progress is closely monitored. The program design provides clinicians with the necessary tools to serve students with varied learning needs in grades PK-8.

As students enter their Middle and Upper School years (Grades 5-12), the program focuses less on foundational skill development and more on classroom support. Both small group and individual interventions are designed to optimize academic achievement and college readiness. The focus of the work guided by learning specialists is on the development of executive functioning skills including time management, self-advocacy, organization, transition, planning, and prioritizing. Fundamental reading, writing, and mathematics skills instruction may happen incidentally but is not the primary objective of the program for Middle School and Upper School students. It is therefore expected that students who attend ARP have strong enough basic skills in reading, writing, and mathematics that allow for them to navigate Gulliver’s challenging curriculum with minimal support and age-appropriate independence. 

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Marian C. Krutulis PK-8 Campus

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Upper School and Upper School Miller Campuses

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