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Grades PK-4

Throughout the Gulliver experience, art is stressed as a goal to enrich one’s life, solve problems, communicate, and experience the aesthetic beauty of the world around us. At the Primary and Lower School levels, Visual Arts is emphasized in a variety of ways and in many mediums. Students gain an understanding of what the visual arts are and how to appreciate the works of artists, both historical and contemporary.


PreK students around a table at visual arts

Grades 5-8

The Visual Arts courses are designed to enable students to develop skills in studio art while nurturing an appreciation and interest in the arts. Students develop perceptual awareness, creative self-expression, and a basic understanding of the history of art. A working portfolio at each student’s level of expertise and technique is developed throughout the year. In fifth grade, students participate in a course that integrates art and drama. Art classes also are available in sixth, seventh, and eighth grade. Advanced art classes are only offered in the eighth grade.

The Visual Arts program implements the IB MYP philosophy, providing curricula that encourages students to make real life connections with what they learn in the classroom, strive to nurture critical and reflective thinking, and emphasize internationalism

Grades 9-12

The Upper School Visual Arts program operates on the foundational belief that all students can learn the necessary skills to create, enjoy, and understand art. With proper instruction and nurturing, all students are able to compile a body of work regardless of ability, learning style, or talent. Our program encompasses more than 20 courses and levels in the areas of drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, and architecture. Upperclassmen can be recommended into advanced courses including IB Visual Arts and Advanced Placement Art (two-dimensional design, drawing, or three-dimensional design portfolios).

Assignments and experiences are designed for students to achieve success in improving skill, creative problem solving and critical thinking skills, cultural investigation and research, relevant self-expression, and the ability to make connections between their individual art making processes and other interests or classes.


Student painting in visual arts class

Visual Arts Faculty Contact


Grades 1-4

Cris Valdes

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Grades 5-8

Beth Harrison

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Grades 9-12

Stacy Goldman

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