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Along with daily classes in the development of technique and choreography, students further their training by gaining knowledge in terminology, dance appreciation, dance artists, and research. Visiting artists supplement their education by providing positive learning experiences to enhance their abilities as dancers. The program offers students the opportunity to be showcased at various points in the year. Through the Dance Club, students actively participate in community service activities, while the Sundancers Dance Team performs at school and community events, as well as competitive venues.

Middle School
Grades 6-8

The Middle School Dance Program offers training for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced level dancer. Courses are designed to provide a strong foundation in ballet, jazz, modern, contemporary, and lyrical styles. Strongly rooted in technique and personal development, our program introduces students to dance history, terminology, elements of choreography, showmanship, and an overall appreciation of the art of dance. 

In an environment that promotes positive self-esteem and inclusivity, dancers will explore and develop their own artistic identity. Students showcase their work throughout the year in various forms including recitals, class performances, and mixed media reviews. 

Junior Sundancers

The Middle School Dance Team, known as the Junior Sundancers, are advanced-level dancers who are selected by audition. Open to students in grades 6-8, the dancers have advanced technical training and a solid foundation in choreography. In addition to technique classes and after school rehearsals, the team performs at school activities, community events, and at competitive venues.  

Recently, the Junior Sundancers won the American All-Star National Championship for the Middle School Division in Orlando, Florida. They placed first in the Open and Prop/Novelty categories and received two special awards for Dance Technique and Dance Choreography. The Junior Sundancers continue to take pride in their community outreach projects, performances, and competitive feats. 

Gulliver middle school dancers performing a jazz number

Upper School
Grades 9-12

The Gulliver Prep Dance program initiates mindful ways to be diverse, accepting, and well-rounded. As a vehicle for growth, students develop confidence, positive self-esteem, concentration, and responsibility as they work independently and creatively collaborate in group experiences. Each class level delves into the richness of the past while also celebrating current times, as students learn relevant terminology and are able to express themselves in genres from ballet to contemporary movement and more. Courses offered include Intro to Dance, Dance Intermediate 1, Dance Intermediate 2, Dance Honors, Dance Composition Honors, and IB SL Dance. Students also have an opportunity to audition for Dance Repertory/Dance Team.

The dance program hosts two concerts each year, as well as a Student Choreography Showcase where students are able to showcase their abilities. Yearly, the department offers students the opportunity to study under master teachers within, and outside of, the South Florida community. In 2021, dance captains from the following Broadway shows taught our students virtually: On Your Feet, Swing, Moulin Rouge, and Hamilton. In 2019, students from both the dance and drama programs traveled to New York City to experience live theatre and workshop classes.

As ambassadors to the community, the Dance Club serves the elderly, the homeless, and underprivileged children in need of dance classes or attire. As a club, members also attend a live performance to support the arts.

Gulliver Prep is a member of the National Honor Society for the Dance Arts. Two of our dancers were honored in 2015 and 2021 as Florida state winners for artistic merit and leadership. The Sundancers, our award-winning dance team, represents the school at athletic and community events and competes at local, state, and national levels where they receive top accolades in solo, duet, ensemble, and team categories.

Upper school dancers
Dancer posing by the ocean
Sundancers at Regional Competition


The Gulliver Prep Dance Team, the Sundancers, is composed of advanced-level dancers who are selected by a panel audition or the Dance Director each spring. In addition to the dance repertory class, which prepares them for performances and competitions, the team performs at school sporting events, pep rallies, and other activities in and around the community.

The Sundancers have been recognized by prestigious dance organizations including the National YoungArts Foundation and the National Dance Education Organization. Gulliver has received numerous awards at the state and national level including National Champions in the jazz category at West Coast Elite Nationals in 2018; National Champions in the contemporary category at Dance Team Union and Contest of Champions Nationals in 2019; and first place in contemporary, jazz, and hip hop in virtual competition in 2021.

Dance Faculty Contacts

Grades 6-8
Junior Sundancers

Carla Duval
Middle School Dance Faculty & Director


Grades 9-12

Gerri Barreras
Upper School Performing Arts Chair & Dance Director

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