The Gulliver Prep Music Department uses the approach of a performance-based curriculum. Students participate in conservatory-style lessons and master classes outside of the classroom setting, as well as solo performances in competitions, school, and community events. The music program classes include string, wind and percussion, vocal and jazz ensembles, as well as AP Music Theory. Students in both the middle and upper school programs attend the following competitions: Florida Band Association (FBA), Florida Vocal Association (FVA), and Music Performance Assessment (MPA) as well as other nationally adjudicated events.

Primary and Lower School Music
Grades PK-4

Starting in Primary School, students learn to appreciate and participate in the performing arts. We encourage our students to feel comfortable speaking and performing in front of others, seeing it as a positive experience and understanding the joy of performance.

Past Music Performances

2023 Primary
Spring Concert

2023 Lower Spring
“Music of Life” Concert

Middle School Music
Grades 5-8

Students interested in the performing arts have the opportunity to develop skills to a high level of expertise and competence. Individual goals and class accomplishments lead to a positive experience and understanding of the joy of performance. The music program includes beginning, intermediate and advanced ensembles in the disciplines of band, chorus, and strings.

The Jazz Band is a nationally-recognized group of musicians adhering to a performance-based curriculum. This ensemble participates in as many as fourteen main performances during the year, including community concerts and judged performances. The Jazz Band has scored Superior Ratings at Florida’s Music Performance Assessments 10 years in a row.

The Jazz Band is open to students in grades 7 and 8 with previous instrumental experience. Auditions are required.

Students learn about a variety of musical genres, including jazz, jazz-fusion, rock, and classical. Musical growth is monitored weekly through assignments such as scales and exercises. Members may audition for local and state band organizations including Solo and Ensemble, All-State Band, and Honor Band. Students also have the unique opportunity of working with fine educators and musicians. Past guests include composer and arranger Bob Longfield, the Boston Brass Quintet, and the Young Patrons Opera.

2022-23 Middle School Music Accolades



  • All-State – Josh Achenbaum ‘27

District Music Performance Assessment

  • Symphonic Band – Superior
  • Jazz Band – Superior
  • João Camurugy Notari ’29 – Superior (Student Conductor)

District Honor Band

  • Mario Ribera ‘29
  • Hudson Burke ‘28
  • Oscar Campo Marino ‘28
  • Sebastian Carrillo ‘28
  • Logan Chaney ‘28
  • Hady Leger ‘28
  • Josh Achenbaum ‘27
  • Vladimir Anosov ‘27
  • Ryan Ciattoni ‘27
  • Anna Isabel Meyer ‘27
  • Jack Spafford ‘27
  • Thomas Vesval ‘27


  • Jazz Band  – Superior, First Place
  • Symphonic Band – Superior, First Place

Solo and Ensemble

  • 23 Superior Ratings
  • 8 Excellent Ratings


Middle School Advanced and Chamber Orchestra at Music Performance Assessment of the Florida Orchestra Association. The students attended the Solo and Ensemble Music Performance Assessment by the Florida Orchestra Association. At this event, they were evaluated individually or in small ensembles. The students put in great effort and did an outstanding job of representing the school with the following ratings:

  • 4 Superior with Distinction ratings
  • 8 Superior ratings
  • 22 Excellent ratings

Each student had to practice a solo piece and rehearse with a pianist multiple times in order to get ready for the event. The students got great feedback from the judges that will help them further advance their playing skills.

Middle School Orchestra Orlando Fest – Straight Superior ratings and Second Place


Middle School Chorus – Excellent Rating Florida Vocal Association District Evaluation
Advanced Chorus and Chamber and Advanced Orchestra participated in this year’s Orlando Fest

Thomas Kellogg ‘27 – All-State Middle School Mixed Chorus

Middle School Advanced Chorus Orlando Fest – 1st place, Superior Rating

Middle School Advanced Chorus – Soprano Siena de Maria was chosen and performed at the Spotlight Kidz performance at Radio City Music Hall, NY