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Leaders, inventors, and creators made here.

There’s only one Gulliver Prep in the whole world. And that’s by design. Gulliver opens the world wide through a multitude of unparalleled opportunities for each and every student. We expose students to new experiences, ideas, worldviews, and possibilities.

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We make our students a promise:
To surround them with phenomenal opportunities so that they can discover what they love. See what Gulliver can offer your child.

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Our teachers draw out talents, sharpen skills, and challenge students to explore, experiment, and experience learning like never before.

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Gulliver is Proud of its Matriculating Graduates

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Monday, Apr 3, 2023

Lost & Found Clean Out Day (every first Monday of the month)

Monday, Apr 3, 2023

MYP Community Project Presentations

Monday, Apr 3, 2023

Chess Tournament

Gulliver’s global viewpoint and level of educational excellence are preparing our son for the challenges he’ll face in a hyper-connected world. The teachers are top-notch, and we truly feel a part of the Gulliver family. We’ve watched our son gain confidence and learn things we never imagined at this age.