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Welcome! We’re glad you’re here and want to discover what’s possible at Gulliver Prep.

Learning at Gulliver Prep is an adventure filled with endless opportunities. From age three to graduation, our students shape their own experiences and celebrate their uniqueness as individuals. We invite you to explore our campuses virtually, or visit us in person by scheduling a tour or joining us at one of our Open House events. Come see for yourself what makes Gulliver Prep a school unlike any other. In other words, unparalleled.

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Mission, Vision and
Core Values

Cliff Kling

Frank Steel, Head of School


Frank Steel
Head of School

Building Community

Don Lawrence
Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Elena Castellanos- Director of Enrollment Management

The Admissions Process

Elen Castellanos
Director of Enrollment Management


Lazaro Fernandez
Interim Director
of Athletics


Jonathan Schoenwald

Upper School

Jonathan Shoenwald
Assistant Head of School & Upper School Principal

Melissa Sullivan

Upper School EDGE Program Experience

Melissa Sullivan
Upper School Principal, Miller Campus EDGE Program

Elizabeth M. Scott

Middle School

Elizabeth Scott
Middle School

Donna Fong-Yee

Middle School EDGE Program Experience

Donna Fong-Yee
Middle School Principal, EDGE Program

Rachel Griffin

Primary and Lower School Experience

Rachel Griffin
Primary & Lower School Principal


Dr. Ana Pazos

The Academic

Ana Pazos
Director of Curriculum Assessment & Support Services

Baccalaureate® MYP and DP Programmes

Juan Carlos Garcia
Admissions Coordinator PK-12

Explore Your Interests

We make our students a promise:
To surround them with phenomenal opportunities so that they can discover what they love. See what Gulliver can offer your child.

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Primary and Lower School Overview

Middle School Overview

Upper School Overview

Elena Castellanos- Director of Enrollment Management

Elena Castellanos

Director of Enrollment Management