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Boys Varsity Lacrosse

Guiding Principles and Philosophy

The Athletics Program at Gulliver is based on a “high performance” model, that exists within the context of the larger school mission:

To create an academic community devoted to educational excellence, with a personal touch, that fulfills each student’s potential.

The Athletics Department seeks to enable the mission in various ways throughout the different levels of the program, providing experiences that allow student-athletes to develop fully as athletes and citizens ready for each next step of their journey through school and beyond. More specifically, the program seeks to build on these key elements of the mission:


  • Build school spirit and enhance the educational experience of the entire school community.
  • Enrich campus life through the engagement of students, faculty, staff, parents, and alumni.
  • Partake in community outreach through Athletics.
  • Cultivate an overall athletic experience that promotes diversity, inclusivity, compliance, and integrity.


  • Provide student-athletes and coaches the resources and leadership necessary to be successful at the highest levels of both academic and athletic performance. 
  • Create supportive and challenging experiences that prepare and empower our student-athletes as learners, leaders, and competitors.
  • Attract, retain, and develop high-quality coaches to ensure the maximum development of our student-athletes. Coaches that will reinforce the values and work ethic vital to team and individual success. 

Personal touch

  • Value each student-athlete for their abilities and efforts, individual and collective, in enhancing the overall quality of the athletic program. 
  • Provide clarity and communication of athletic program expectations and protocols. 
  • Evaluate and propose feedback for student-athletes to continue to develop their sport-specific skills.


  • Support a broad range of athletic-specific programming to promote choice, development, and competition.
  • Encourage student-athletes to maximize their potential through continual skill development while understanding their role within the team.
  • Extend resources and guidance necessary for student-athletes to pursue intercollegiate athletic opportunities when applicable.


The Gulliver Prep Athletics Department is committed to advancing a comprehensive, competitive, and prominent interscholastic athletics program, based on creating a high performance environment in all of our programs and teams. We will strive to provide experiences conducive to the athletic, academic, and developmental success of our student-athletes in an effort to help shape and inspire well-rounded individuals.

Program Levels

Gulliver student-athletes progress through a continuum of athletic programs beginning with early participation in sports at the lower and middle school levels and culminating in performance-based competition in upper school varsity athletics. The program levels are as follows:

Youth Sports (Grades 1-5)

Fosters early exposure to the enjoyment of athletics and teaches the fundamentals of sports for students in lower school through grade 5.  Youth sports is an after-school activity that generally takes place on school days. This is a developmental sports program that views interactions with students as opportunities to help them discover, develop, and test their skills to create positive athletic experiences. For many participants, it serves as a feeder program to Middle School teams. Our youth sports programming consists of developmental clinics, recreational team sports, and developmental/competitive Raider Club sports.

Middle School Sports (Grades 6-8)

Focuses on skill development and introduces student-athletes in Grades 6-8 to interscholastic competition. The Middle School sports program keeps as many student-athletes as each program can manage at this level with value being placed on both practice and game experience. Our Middle School teams are developmental in nature, consisting of both registration, non-selection and selection-based teams. Participation opportunities will vary by each sport with coaches and staff determining student-athlete participation during interscholastic contests. Middle school sports generally take place after school and on limited Saturdays during the season.

Upper School Sports (Grades 9-12)

Sub-Varsity Sports: Develops skills in a more competitive environment for student-athletes in grades 9-12, preparing them for the increased rigors of competitive varsity teams.  At this level, ability and preparation impact a student-athlete’s playing competitiveness in games.  Generally, games take place after school hours and on Saturdays.

Varsity Sports: Develops advanced skills of the sport for student-athletes in grades 9-12 who are capable of competition at the highest level and are committed to the effort required to maintain high academic and athletic standards.  Student-athletes compete for a roster spot on most varsity teams.  Generally, games take place after school hours and on Saturdays.

Athletics Overview

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