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Our Middle School sports teams have wrapped up the 2023-24 spring season, turning in excellent performances in and out of the classroom. The combined team grade average for spring season teams was an incredible 91.31, led by the girls’ tennis team (94.89) and the boys’ tennis team (92.19). In addition to these impressive academic achievements, the Raiders had great success in the South Florida Middle School Conference (SFMSC). Read on to learn more.

Girl playing tennis


The girls’ tennis team ended the season as undefeated champions in conference matches, seizing the South Florida Middle School Conference Championship. This team of young players, with only one eighth grader, including Alexandra Leal, fought hard in their matches throughout the season while maintaining a positive attitude. Coach Mulligan praised the team’s resilience, stating, “Determination and teamwork led this team to succeed. I am so proud of our Raider student-athletes and winning a back-to-back championship.” Congratulations to our players: Siena Ringel, Juliette Le Bona, Alexandra Leal, Phoebe Dall’au, Aisha Ahluwalia, Araya Kaushal-Nagra, Sasha Zaragoza, Sophia Ersinzon, Zara Malik, and Isabella Rodriquez.




The boys’ tennis team showcased excellence, finishing the season with a record of 7-1 and securing second place as the team runner-Up in the South Florida Middle School Conference Championship. Notable performances from players like Andrew Nygard and a collective effort from athletes like Alex Ramey, Aston Conrad, Nicolas Medel Concha, and Dominick Fili contributed to the team’s success. It was another stellar season for the Raiders!



Girls’ Track & Field – CONFERENCE RUNNER-UP

Boys’ Track & Field – Third Place Finalist 

Our track & field teams had an incredible 2024 season. The students worked hard all season long and were rewarded with amazing accomplishments. The girls’ team clinched the South Florida Middle School Conference team runner-up spot, led by stellar performances from athletes like Ellie Schnur who scored a staggering 48 points, Lilly Haley, Lena Perez-Oizumi, and Angelina Azari. Meanwhile, the boys’ team secured third place at the South Florida Middle School Conference Championship, propelled by stellar displays from Eduardo Valle, Carlos Figueroa, Tyler Keating, and Wynn Allen who scored an incredible 34 points for the Raiders. Coach Moreno is so proud of all the student-athletes and says, “Congrats on a great season everyone! Looking forward to seeing some of our Raiders move on and compete in states.”



Our baseball team delivered an exceptional season, culminating in a resounding victory over Palmer Trinity to claim the South Florida Middle School Conference Championship. The game was hosted at Marian C. Krutulis PK-8 Campus and the team was led by Honor Timko with a dominant performance on the mound. Honor pitched five innings allowing only one hit and zero runs. Offensively, the team had big hits by Enzo Haley with a triple, Mason Maduro with a double, and Harrison Lopez with a double. Xander Foumia shut the door on the Palmer Trinity Falcons in the sixth with one inning pitched, not allowing a runner on base. The Raiders had an amazing season finishing with a record of 9-4 and becoming the Conference Team Champions in a seamless fashion.


Boys’ Varsity Lacrosse – CONFERENCE RUNNER-UP

Boys’ JV Lacrosse 

The Raider lacrosse team embarked on a season marked by dedication, growth, and teamwork, setting the stage for remarkable progress. With a strong emphasis on cultivating a cohesive culture on and off the field, the team’s journey spanned four months, beginning with two months of intensive practice. Despite the lack of early matches, the team remained committed to their training, setting high standards for themselves as athletes and individuals. 

A highlight of the season was an impressive six-game winning streak, with both the JV and varsity teams contributing three victories each. This streak showcased the team’s unity and determination to succeed. Individual performances were also noteworthy, with over five players achieving multiple goals throughout the season. This diverse scoring ability added depth to the team’s offensive strategy. In clutch moments, the Raiders displayed their resilience with three overtime victories, two for the varsity team and one for JV. These wins underscored the team’s ability to perform under pressure and seize opportunities.

The season saw a commendable performance from both the JV and varsity programs. The JV team concluded with a 3-2-1 record, while the varsity team finished with a solid 7-4 record, showcasing their competitive edge. One of the season’s successes was the limited number of injuries, allowing all players to make healthy returns to the field.  This underscored the team’s commitment to conditioning and injury prevention. Coach Isaac Newland said, “Overall, the Gulliver Raiders’ season was characterized by perseverance, teamwork, and a commitment to excellence both on and off the lacrosse field. As they reflect on their accomplishments, the team can take pride in the foundation they’ve laid for future success.”

Water Polo

The water polo team finished their season with a final record of 3-2. Led by MVP, eighth grader Alejandro Altman, the Raiders improved immensely from their season last year. With many new faces to the program, rookies played a major role in the team’s success, with outstanding performances from Nico Altman, David Rodriguez, Andrej Bakrac, and Martin Dangond. Some of the returning student-athletes made some great strides in their development as well. Sam Foemmel, Joaquin Colaq, Antonio Carom, Lorenzo Filippi, and Eduardo Cerquiera all made major contributions throughout the season with their hard work, and desire to win. The future is bright for the Raider water polo program, as these graduating eighth grade student-athletes prepare to play at the high school varsity level and train during the off season.


Congratulations to our Middle School Cheerleaders on winning the 2024 USCA National Cheer & Dance Championship! On April 14, the cheer team competed in the non-tumbling category at the Broward Convention Center.  Led by Head Coach Alexandra Rodriguez, their hard work and dedication paid off, as the Raiders won a 3-PEAT national title.  The squad practiced hard and worked on their routine all spring season which definitely showed.  


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