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Upper School Visual ArtsThis “Focus on the Arts” series was created for our alumni community to learn more about Gulliver’s current arts programming. Read on to learn about our Upper School Visual Arts Program, led by Stacy Goldman ‘96 P ‘31 ‘24, Upper School Visual Arts Faculty & Department Chair.

What is the focus of your program?

The Visual Arts Department at Gulliver is focused on the individual journey of each participating student focusing on developing technical skills in art forms including drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture, and architectural design, as well as fostering growth of creative problem solving skills and conceptual communication skills.  

What makes it different from similar programs offered by other high schools?

Upper School Visual Arts

While our students create outstanding works of art, our focus is more on the process and the learning and discovery that takes place every step of the way.

Approximately how many students are in your program?

Over 300.

What are you most proud of that your students have accomplished?

We might say we are most proud of our students who go on to art colleges and art careers in areas such as graphic design, art history, architecture, or fine art; however, what we are truly most proud of is the way each student who takes an art course at Gulliver gains the ability to solve problems creatively; express their thoughts, ideas, and feelings visually; speak and write about art using the terminology of the field; and participate responsibly as a member of our visual arts community. 

Upper School Visual ArtsWhat gets you excited to teach what you teach?

There are two things that most excite me about teaching art at Gulliver. One is seeing a student’s thoughts and ideas solidify in the form of a work of art, especially after some struggle.  Another is when a student who takes an art class “just to fulfill the credit” tells us that they never knew they were an artist and continues taking art courses the following school year. 

How does Gulliver support what you do and your students?

Gulliver is very supportive of its visual arts programs and art students, from being able to bring in guest artists, to having a budget that covers all of the students’ art supply needs, to allowing faculty to stay up-to-date with the latest research-based professional development, and supporting art events such as the biennial Art Walk and the Annual Student Art Exhibition.

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