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Our Middle and Upper School theatre programs made waves at their respective Thespian State Festivals, turning in record-breaking performances and representing Gulliver Prep with pride.

Middle School Thespians 2024Last month, Middle School’s Drama Troupe 88015 participated in the Junior Thespians State Festival in Orlando. For the first time, all of their pieces received Superior scores, including a Top Honor/Showcase Representative.

  • Triple Superior/Top Honor/Showcase Representative: Small Group Musical – Siena Ringel, Siena De Maria, Sofia Gonzalez, Lexi De Godoy
  • Triple Superior: Large Group Musical – Siena De Maria, Evan Weinstein, Giacomo Harris, Elvira Disotuar, Miranda Canals-Vazquez, Clara Friedman, Siena Ringel, Sofia Gonzalez, Lucila Cava, Lexi De Godoy, Araya Kaushal-Nagra
  • Triple Superior: Monologue – Evan Weinstein
  • Triple Superior: Pantomime – Clara Friedman
  • Double Superior: Solo Musical – Giacomo Harris
  • Double Superior: Solo Musical – Siena De Maria
  • Double Superior: Monologue – Sofia Gonzalez
  • Double Superior: Duet Acting – Miranda Canals-Vazquez & Elvira Disotuar

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Upper School Thespians 2024For the Upper School, Troupe 2450 earned several top honors at last week’s Thespian State Festival. The troupe’s one act production earned the highest score possible at the largest education theatre festival in the world featuring more than 12,000 performers. The students performed on an equity stage and earned Top Honors recognition, which is equivalent to state champions, and is the highest recognition you can earn in a category in educational theatre.

  • Top Honors/Triple Superiors: One Act – Maya Alman, Ethan Artzt, Teshler Augustin, Valeria Bigott, Gabriela Celic, Mirel Chaia Perez, Isabella Giraldez, Ayden Gomez, Cole Labbie, Balthasar Laemmli, Sophia Lambert, Alice Levinger, Samuel Levinger, Siena McKelvey, Claire O’Neil, Luiza Padoveze Goncalves, Oliva Pozo, Lucia Rotolante Freedman, Claire Rusell-Lasalandra, Vincent Sargi, Francesca Segrera, Celina Sosa, Max Taylor, Sebastian Ulloa, Julia Varella Chaves, Estefa Velez Garcia Granados, Samantaha Vides
  • Triple Superior: Large Group Musical – Maya Altman, Ethan Artz, Gabriela Celic, Gregg Chase, Braden Gelber, Isabella Giraldez, Joey Haring, Andrea Horta, Cole Labbie, Samuel Levinger, Luiza Padoveze Goclaves,  Lucia Rotolante Freedman, Francesca Segrera, Estefa Valez Garcia-Granados, Sydney Wider
  • Triple Superior Score: Theatre Marketing Design – Mirel Chaia Perez
  • Triple Superior Score: Duet Acting – Valeria Bigott & Sebastian Ulloa
  • Double Superior Score: Small Group Musical – Isabella Giraldez, Siena McKelvy, Estefa Velez Garcia Granados
  • Double Superior Score: Scenic Design – Gregg Chase
  • Double Superior Score: Duet Acting –  Mirel Chaia Perez & Olivia Pozo


Middle school student building.

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