At Gulliver Prep, our digital and printed publications offer many outlets for our students to be creative. Students learn skills in graphic design, visual communications and digital media as they work to produce the school yearbook, literary magazine, or newspaper. Many of the publications have won prestigious awards over the years and remain some of our most popular courses.

Raider Yearbook

A student-produced print publication capturing the year’s highlights through captivating graphic design.

2020 yearbook cover

The Raider Yearbook is an impressive, student-run publication, that serves as the school’s historical record of the academics, events, and student body each year. The Raider’s 400 pages are all conceptualized, designed, and created by a student-led staff, under the advisement of faculty member, Monica Rodriguez.

The publication stands as one of the top high school yearbooks in the U.S., having earned Columbia Scholastic Press Association’s prestigious Crown Award, and National Scholastic Press Association’s All-American awards for the past several years consecutively. The yearbook has been featured in NSPA’s “Best of the High School Press” publication, CSPA’s Crown Winners DVD, and Walsworth Publishing’s idea book Possibilities, and part of Walsworth Publishing’s President’s Collection, for excellence. The yearbook has also earned top recognition in the state of Florida, as a Florida Scholastic Press Association “All Florida” award recipient since 2011.

Recent Recognitions

2020 FSPA Digital Contests Award for Yearbook

First Place: Cindy Vega ‘21 — Photo Story, May 2020

2019 FSPA Digital Contests Award for Yearbook

Julian Concepcion — Sports Reaction Photo — All Florida

Madison Aguilera ‘23 — Academic Photo — All Florida

Athena Tsialis — Academic Photo — All Florida

2019 Awards and Accolades for Yearbook

Columbia Scholastic Press Association (CSPA) Gold Medalist

National Scholastic Press Association (NSPA) All American with Four Marks of Distinction

Florida Scholastic Press Association (FSPA) All Florida, Sunshine Standout Award (Best of the Best)

2019 On-the-Spot JEA/NSPA Convention Media Contests

Kimberley Cruz ‘21 — Yearbook Copy/Caption: Academics — Honorable Mention

Morgan Vazquez ‘23 — Review Writing — Honorable Mention


Kimberley Cruz ‘21, Editor in Chief
Cindy Vega ‘21, Editor in Chief
Lucie Duchene ‘22, Business Manager/Ads Editor
Maria Sofia Latour ‘22, People and Profiles Editor
Adriana Leyba ‘22, Sports Editor
Kate Perez ‘22, Clubs Editor
Victoria Poliak ‘22, Managing Editor
Morgan Vazquez ‘23, Copy Editor
Staff Writers/Designers:

Paola Avazian ‘22
Carolina Di Blasio ‘22
Melanie Pozo ‘23
Chiara Zecchini ‘23


Ms. Monica Rodriguez

The Raider Voice

A student-run multimedia news platform, featuring school news, student opinions and world events.

Raider Voice publication

The Raider Voice newspaper is a student’s voice on campus! The multimedia publication offers students an opportunity to produce stories about issues that matter to them. As members of the newspaper staff, students experience what it’s like to be a journalist covering both school and community events, as well as writing editorials and commentary. Students also manage the Raider Voice companion social media sites as well as produce podcasts and newsreels for the online publication.

Recent Recognitions

2020 FSPA Digital Contests Award for Online News

Second Place: Lucas Figueroa ‘23 — Cooking Demo

2019 FSPA Digital Contests Awards

Kathleen Lewis ‘22, Pedro Schmeil — Multimedia Event Coverage — Excellent

Kathleen Lewis ‘22, Eduardo Cachon ‘21, Lucas Figueroa ‘23 — Student-Athlete Safety Package — Excellent

Kathleen Lewis ‘22 — Sports Feature — Honorable Mention

2019 Awards and Accolades for Online News

SNO Distinguished Site Badge for Site Excellence

NSPA First Class

CSPA Gold Medalist

FSPA Gold Rating

2019 On-the-Spot JEA/NSPA Convention Media Contests

Teresa Ariza ‘22 — Commentary Writing — Honorable Mention

Kathleen Lewis ‘22 — Feature Writing — Honorable Mention

Pedro Schmeil — Broadcast Feature Story — Honorable Mention


Kathleen Lewis ‘22, Editor in Chief
Teresa Ariza ‘22, Social Media Editor
Eduardo Cachon ‘21, Sports Editor


Ms. Monica Rodriguez

Staff Writers/Designers:

Madison Aguilera ‘23
Teresa Ariza ‘22
Sabrina Bierman ‘22
Anya Gruener ‘24
Ainsley Kling ‘23
Ethan Melendi ‘22
Miranda Rodriguez ‘23


A student-run literary and arts magazine, available both in print and online.

Page of Reflections literary publication

Reflections literary magazine offers a glimpse into students’ creativity at Gulliver Prep. This inter-disciplinary publication involves work from students in three academic and special areas: English and creative writing, Art and Journalism. All students are welcomed to submit pieces ranging from poetry, prose, drawings, painting, musical compositions and photography.

Recent Recognitions

2020 FSPA Digital Contests Award for Lit Mag

First Place: Olivia Martin-Johnson ‘22 — Literary Magazine Spread

2019 FSPA Digital Contests Award for Lit Mag

Lucie Duchene ‘22 — Literary Magazine Spread — All Florida

2019 Literary Magazine Awards, “Threads”

CSPA Silver Crown

NSPA All American

FSPA All Florida

Superior Rating, National Council of Teachers of English REALM contest

Sixth Place: Best in Show category at NSPA Convention (only 10 awarded from over 600 entries)


Editors, 2020 Literary Magazine, “Rise”

Olivia Martin-Johnson ‘22, Editor in Chief
Lucie Duchen ‘22, Editor in Chief
Kathleen Lewis ‘22, Managing Editor
Teresa Ariza ‘22, Web Editor
Kate Perez ‘22, Layout Editor


Ms. Monica Rodriguez

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