Architecture Students Excel at 2021 Florida State Fair

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Architecture and Design Awards

For the third year in a row, Gulliver Prep architecture students won more than 20 awards in the category of Architecture and Design at the Florida State Fair. This year, students won top honors in all 10 categories, winning a total of 27 prizes in the High School Division, and four prizes in the Middle School Division. Works were displayed at the Florida State Fair in Tampa.

Below is a complete list of all 2021 winners; click here to view some of their work.

High School Division

Class 01 – Residence
First Place – Dylan Toplas
Honorable Mention – Tiago Abreu

Class 02 – Micro House
First Place – Pablo Perez-Bedmar Merello
Second Place – Anna Silberwasser
Third Place – Daniel Preston
Honorable Mention – Will Olrich

Class 03 – Modern Seaside Villa
Second Place – Ivan Ezcurra Callejas
Third Place – Amanda Shaffer
Honorable Mention – Pablo Perez-Bedmar Merello

Class 04 – Live-Work Sustainable Design
First Place – Felipe Perez
Second Place – Cata Garcia
Third Place – Pablo Perez-Bedmar Merello
Honorable Mention – Marcos Tobi

Class 05 – Workspace of the Future
First Place – Karela Palazio
Second Place – Lilly Enekes

Class 06 – Classical Garden Folly
First Place – Sebastian Merlo-Garzom
Second Place – Sofia Aspillaga
Third Place – Matteo Akl

Class 07 – Manual Architectural Rendering
First Place – Pablo Perez-Bedmar Merello
Second Place – Cata Garcia

Class 08 – CAD Architectural Rendering
First Place – Anna Silberwasser
Second Place – Mercedes Vargas

Class 09 – Architectural Model
First Place – Valentino Agnelli

Class 10 – Shipping Container
First Place – Cata Garcia
Second Place – Anna Silberwasse
Third Place – Marcos Tobi
Honorable Mention – German Cueva

Middle School Division
First Place (x4) – Lucas Wilson-Bevington