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Sam and Emina Nazarian P ‘34 ‘36We are excited to announce a generous gift to Transformation. Together. 2026., Gulliver’s capital campaign, as Sam and Emina Nazarian P ‘34 ‘36 have come forward with a $2 million gift to name the Sam and Emina Nazarian Gymnasium.

Sam and Emina Nazarian joined the Gulliver community in 2020 along with their daughters Ella and Mia, and the newest addition to the family, their son, Sha. They were inspired by Gulliver’s rich history and bold vision for the future, and it is in this spirit that they chose to make Gulliver one of their family’s top philanthropic priorities. As a proud Raider family, they hope their gift and commitment to our school inspires other families to do the same.

“Emina and I believe, as proud immigrants to this amazing country, philanthropy at its core, is key to giving back for all we have received in our lives. Giving back through our time or through financial means are all blessings and obligations that we hold dear, and great education and the sense of belonging to our children, are the most vital to our beliefs as parents,” said Sam. “Being blessed with two young daughters who are attending Gulliver, both of whom have very distinctive personalities, Gulliver has created an environment that allows each of our daughters to excel, be curious, feel safe, and make great friends while embracing their uniqueness.”

The Sam and Emina Nazarian Gymnasium is a landmark addition to the Marian C. Krutulis PK-8 Campus, which opened as part of the Center for Student Life in October 2022. The first gym to be housed on this campus, the space not only provides a home for our student-athletes, it serves as a gathering and community building space for all students. Sam and Emina’s generosity in naming this dynamic space will have an immediate impact on current Raiders, and for generations to come.

My husband and I have always felt that it is our obligation to support all important institutions that create a positive impact on our communities, in any way we can. Gulliver’s ecosystem represents the best qualities of all that we hold dear and we are proud to help as a family to further this amazing institution.

Emina Nazarian P ‘34 ‘36

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Middle school student building.

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