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strides literary magazine coverIn honor of Women’s History Month, Natalia Lopez ‘22 and Katie Lewis ’22 created “Strides,” a digital magazine filled with student entries highlighting the progress women have made throughout history, in addition to commemorating female leaders in the Gulliver community. Why “Strides?” Read on to learn more about the magazine, the inspiration behind the initiative, Natalia and Katie’s goals, and more.

A note from Natalia and Katie: Women History Month Magazine Creators

Now more than ever, it is vital to emphasize the positive advancements that have shaped our society to what it is today. In honor of Women’s History Month, we would like to celebrate the progress and accomplishments of women of the past, as well as look towards a better future in which we can continue upon the path they have paved for us. As high school females, we wanted to recognize this movement of positive contributions through the familiar voices of powerful prose, beautiful poetry, and impactful art. We are so grateful for the overwhelmingly positive response to this initiative and would like to thank all the students who participated and sent in pieces. We also would like to thank Upper School teachers Mrs. Artzt, Mr. Luis, Mrs. Pratt, and Mrs. Rodriguez for their help and guidance. We hope you enjoy this magazine and all the hard work that went into its production, as well as take the opportunity to reflect on how you can make a stride of your own in our global society.

strides literary magazine back coverQ: What prompted you to put together something like this? What do you hope the community will get out of it, and why is it an important piece?

A: Katie: It was really Natalia’s idea, she was inspired by the Black History Month project and felt that we should do something for Women’s History Month. She talked to me about it, and we then brought the idea up to the National English Honor Society, but we decided to expand it to everyone at school who was interested in submitting writing and art. The goal is to showcase student work while also celebrating Women’s History Month and spreading some positivity. Please don’t give me very much credit for this — I didn’t write anything in the magazine, and it was totally Natalia’s idea, so all I really did was help assemble it haha! The credit really goes to all of the students who spent time writing and doing art for the magazine.

A: Natalia: I really wanted to do something different to celebrate Women’s History Month. This year has been really hard for all of us as students, especially in the sense of feeling like a community. My intent for this is to celebrate inspiring contributions made by female historical figures, while bringing the school together in a positive setting. I really hope our school community is able to reflect on how inspiring our female local and historical role models are to us, as well as reflecting on how the community can make “Strides” of their own to our society. Katie and I are so grateful for the overwhelmingly positive response by our community, which is certainly reflected in the submissions we received.

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