Middle School Yearbook Gains National Recognition


The 2017-18 Academy Middle School yearbook We Got The Power is being featured in Possibilities, Walsworth Yearbooks premier idea book, making it a source of inspiration for yearbook staffs around the country.

This edition of Possibilities contains 868 examples from 248 yearbooks, placing We Got The Power among the best yearbooks published by Walsworth. The 2017-18 yearbook also earned First Class ratings from the National Scholastic Press Association (NSPA), Florida Scholastic Press Association (FSPA), and Gold Columbia Scholastic Press Association(CSPA).

Year after year, Middle School journalism students are inspired to raise the bar of the yearbook publication. The team is responsible for writing stories and photo captions, taking photos and designing each spread. Earlier this year, current yearbook students participated in a district level FSPA workshop and competition earning “excellent” ratings for both Middle School Portrait Photography and Middle School Yearbook Spread.

Congratulations to Mrs. Corina Basulto-Fraga and her 2017-18 yearbook staff:

Fernando Ciabataru ’23

Julian Concepcion ’22

Delia Delrieu Crociani ’23

Lucie Duchene ’22

Dylan Duran ’23

Julieta Gasulla Izquierdo

Paulina Guajardo ’22

Allen Johnson ’22

Victoria Laninez ’23

Sofia Levin ’23

Mari Sofi Latour ’22

Siqi Li ’23

Joseph McDonnell ’23

Jaden Outar ’23

Victoria Poliak ’22

Daniel Preston ’23

Max Sanchez ’22

Briana Santoro ’22

Audrey Svendsen ’23

Morgan Vazquez ’23