Gulliver Student Invited to Serve as Next-Generation Expert on Ecosystem & Sustainability

Lauren Bartel ‘22 was  invited to serve as a next-generation expert on ecosystems and sustainability.

Lauren Bartel ’22 was invited by the Miami-Dade County Commission to share her views before the Board of County Commissioners, as a next-generation subject expert on life sciences, conservation, ecology, and ecosystem resiliency. In doing so, she represented all 500,000 students across public and independent schools in Miami-Dade County.

Lauren testified as part of the County’s public hearing to review its long-term policies and funding for Everglades and Biscayne Bay ecosystems, as well as on managing development encroachment, addressing water quality, and defending against sea-level rise.

“It was an exciting opportunity to speak before our elected officials and policymakers about the critical issues that affect the future of our community,” said Lauren.

In her testimony, Lauren weaved aspects of Gulliver’s own mission statement of realizing the power of potential to demonstrate that part of the County’s role is to use the power of its potential to ensure sustainability and resiliency for generations to come.

She received a standing ovation from hundreds of members of the public attending the hearing, along with applause from all the County Commissioners sitting on the dais, who went on to thank her for her leadership, exceptional contributions, and expert views.