Computer Science Students Make Their Mark at Yale, Harvard

Seventeen Gulliver Prep computer science students had the opportunity to present their Congressional App Challenge submissions at career fairs hosted by Harvard and Yale this December. The group also stopped by the MIT campus to tour its facilities and reconnect with Gulliver alumni who are currently studying there.

Each year, the Computer Science Principles class at Harvard holds its end-of-semester CS50 Fair, during which the programming students present their final projects over the course of an afternoon. Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and other tech companies sponsor and attend the event, and students are able to explain and demonstrate their projects to more than 2,000 attendees. Yale holds a similar event for its computer science students, and this year marked the first time that Gulliver students were invited to join the fun at both schools.

Eight teams presented their projects — original app proposals that were entered into the 2018 Congressional App Challenge, a competition that Gulliver has won for three consecutive years. The teams engaged with the crowd for one-on-one demos and Karen Liberman ’20 had a chance to present her project, Princess Adventure, on the CS50 YouTube channel at Harvard.

A list of projects and team members can be found below, and a full video recap of the trip can be viewed here.

First place; 2018 Congressional App Challenge, FL-27
Jake Seymour ’20
Ryan Costa ’20
Matthew Garcia ’20
Daniel Fleites-Cruz ’20
Ishan Shah ’20
Sebastian Quintero ’20

Möbius ML
Third place; 2018 Congressional App Challenge, FL-27
David Krajewski ’21
Gaetan Almela ’19
Robert Cancio ’19

Jacob Kantor ’21

Princess Adventure
Karen Liberman ’20

Jake Charron ’21
Jordan Schmidt ’21

Mark Liberman ’22
Ryan Gibeau ’22
Bradley Karmin ’21

Dumpster Diver
John Schappert ’22
Victoria Hagenlocker ’22