Black History Month
Student-Led Interviews

The following interviews are part of a student-led initiative to share the importance of Black Health and Wellness in honor of Black History Month. Under the guidance of Dr. Keitha Burnett, Upper School History Faculty member, Lindsay Roth ‘23, Theodore Ciperski ‘23, and Katherine Ramirez ‘24 spearheaded this series of interviews to acknowledge the legacy of Black scholars and medical practitioners in Western medicine and other ways of knowing (e.g., birth workers, doulas, midwives, naturopaths, herbalists, etc.) throughout the African Diaspora.

Dr. Doris Batts-Murray

Retired Emergency and Family Physician

Dr. Barnell Phillips


Dr. Pauline Rolle

Pediatric Medical Director

Dr. Rosemary Joyner


Rev. Jean Lawrence

Metastatic Breast Cancer Survivor

Interviewee Biographies

Close and Up Front