BBR8ERS Compete at FIRST Robotics Regionals

Last weekend, Gulliver’s robotics team, the BBR8ERS, competed against more than 60 robotics teams from all over the world at FIRST Robotics Regionals in Orlando. The BBR8ERS exhibited a fierce competitive edge, all the while publicly displaying gracious professionalism, the cornerstone of FIRST. The competition is the culmination of the hard work of 25 students and seven mentors who were inspired, and inspired others, by learning life skills through the design and building of a robot.

Since January, the BBR8ERS have:

  • Presented their robot to professional engineers, computer programmers and colleges at the regional competition in Orlando
  • Mastered STEM skills
  • Used industry-standard software, hardware and tools
  • Built and competed with a robot of their own design
  • Exhibited teamwork, interpersonal and communication skills
  • Practiced “gracious professionalism” throughout the entire endeavor

The BBR8ERS will continue on their journey to further the cause of STEAM and continue to find ways to reach out to the community in South Florida.