2020 Virtual STEM Showcase



On May 22, the Upper School’s Engineering, Computer Science, and Biomedical Sciences Signature Academic Programs hosted a virtual 2020 STEM Showcase. The purpose of the event was to recognize STEM students’ outreach efforts, as well as acknowledge those who participated in competitions ranging from classroom to international in scope.

Among the STEM programs that were highlighted include Together We Innovate (TWI), which provides fun and engaging STEM lessons to younger peers in and around the Gulliver community; FRC 5557, the school’s FIRST Robotics team; Speed Raiders, Gulliver’s Solar Go Kart team; Zeta Omicron, the Computer Science National Honor Society; and Operation Recycle Refurbish, which repurposes donated computer hardware for donation to underserved areas of the community.

Congratulations to the winners of these major STEM initiatives and competitions!

HEAL/HOSA (Biomedical Sciences)
Individual Competitions
Medical Terminology, 1st place: Evelyn Patterson ‘21

Nutrition, 2nd place: Elizabeth Rivabem ‘21
Human Growth and Development, 4th place: Awaal Kay-Ramos ‘21

Team Competitions
Biomedical Debate, 1st place: Maha Adnan ‘21, Jacob Stein ‘21, Sabrina Sharma ‘21, Maya Gowda ‘23

Biomedical Debate, 2nd place: Andrea Perez-Retes ‘22, Carmen Hall ‘22, Nalani Brown ‘22

Creative Problem Solving, 1st place: Sam Cano ‘22, Andrea Buitrago ‘22, Yvette Chamoun ‘22, Katia Gelbstein ‘21

Forensic Science, 1st place: Brigitte Isom ‘20, Alexandra Ramirez ‘21

University Outreach Award (Computer Science)

VR 3D Geometry Project: John Ryan Schappert ‘22

Congressional App Challenge Winners, FL District 27 (Computer Science)
AED Locator: Jake Charron ‘21, Joshua Delgado ‘21, Kamal Kay-Ramos ‘21, Jordan Schmidt ‘21

STEM Virtual Car Challenge (Engineering)
Best Virtual Design:  Alejandro Antorch ‘22, Daymara Nieves ‘21, Kurt Junkers ‘22

Best CAD Drawing: Tori Hagenlocker ‘22, Mark Liberman ‘22, Santi Tirado ‘22

Best Engineering Application: Yvette Chamoun ‘22, Chris King ‘22, Lewis Weaver ‘22, Nasz Mantilla ‘21

Best Overall Presentations: Margaret Miao ‘22, Eli Rich ‘22, Matthew Skweres ‘22

STEM Virtual Innovation Challenge (Engineering)
Best Virtual Design: “La Roc” – Andrea Park ‘21, Lilly Enekes ‘21, Joao Carvalho ‘21

Best STEM Application: “Oasis” – Julia Hornstein ‘21, Ishan Shah ‘20, Anthony Aparicio ‘21, Joshua Delgado ‘21

Best Overall Presentation: “Save Woofie” – Jordan Schmidt ‘21, Katie Alverez ‘20, Melanie Martucci ‘20, Robert Lugones ‘20, Joshua Hamburger ‘20

Honorable Mention
Microplastic Solutions: Elizabeth Gabriele ‘20, Andreia Escobar ‘20, Camilo Soto ‘21, Daniel Fleites-Cruz ‘20, Jeremy Trattler ‘21

PortaEDG: Ernesto Cachon ‘20, Gabrielle Davis ‘20, Claudia Scheuren ‘20

To watch the 2020 STEM Showcase and awards presentation, click here.