What’s New in Primary & Lower School – May 13, 2020

Catch up on what our youngest Raiders are up to in Primary and Lower School!

Jr.K Art Show
Although this year’s Jr.K Art Show was unable to take place in person, that didn’t stop students from creating and connecting! After designing their art pieces at home, students shared them via an online platform where they described what they created, why they chose to create it, and what materials they used. With this year’s theme being Protecting the Earth, students were encouraged to repurpose items laying around the house to make new pieces of art. Not only were students able to share feedback on each other’s work, their families also got the opportunity to tune in to hear from the young creators themselves during a morning meeting!

Earth Day: Celebrating 50 Years
Students, faculty and families celebrated the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, taking part in various activities from home. Second grade students explored their creativity and became upcycled inventors, using their imagination to transform recycled materials into new inventions. Sr.K students were asked to complete their independent reading time under a tree or at their favorite outdoor spot, and Ms. Shantal Francis, Lower School Music Teacher, rewrote the song “Part of Your World” with an Earth Day spin. To view photos and video clips, click here.

First Grade, Senior K Thank Yous
Sr.K began a unit on persuasive writing, focusing on the importance of signs. Students created signs for the community, shared them with loved ones, and hung them outside and in their windows. They are also learning to write letters, songs and poems, and find their powerful voice. As Ms. Ramos said, it is a perfect way to continue to foster a love of writing while teaching young children that their words are like magic wands and can change the world! 

First graders have been practicing their writing skills by penning thank you letters to essential workers in their communities. Students have mailed letters to healthcare workers in addition to posting signs on their doors for delivery men and women, postal service personnel, sanitation workers, and other essential employees. They have also delivered letters to police officers to thank them for their service

“Mangrove in Every Yard” Project
Primary and Lower School students have been caring for mangrove propagules in school as part of Xavier Cortada’s participatory eco-art project. The “mangrove in every yard” reforestation effort focuses on raising awareness and building community. Our students are encouraged to plant a mangrove seedling in their yards to grow our salt-tolerant native tree canopy.

Sr.K Biscayne Nature Center Field Trip
Sr.K students visited the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Biscayne Nature Center last week to kick off their Earth Day study and persuasive writing unit. Students were introduced to the wonderful world of animals and plants native to South Florida, as they were able to see, touch, and smell marine animals and plants. They took a beach and hammock walk, created art from their findings, and visited the exhibit classroom with live animals from the seagrass beds located at the Center. Students also learned about the “4 R’s” – reduce, reuse, recycle, and refuse. 

Grade 4 Visits the Everglades
As part of their extensive study on the State of Florida, fourth graders had an opportunity to visit The Everglades. The field trip brought together science, literature, and social studies as students learned about South Florida’s most important natural wonder. Lessons emphasize the importance of conservation, highlighting the impact of water usage, the influx of invasive species, and the role we can play to preserve the Everglades.