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The Gettler FamilyGulliver is excited to announce a generous gift to Transformation. Together. 2026. – the school’s first comprehensive capital campaign.

Brooke and Benjamin R. Gettler P ‘25 ‘27 ‘34 joined the Gulliver community in 2014. Their children – Reed, Trip, and Sloane – have experienced much of what Gulliver has to offer over the years, each of them forging their own path.

All three of our kids have benefited greatly from Gulliver’s top-notch teachers, academics, and athletic programs. Our children have different strengths, and Gulliver is able to provide a path for each of them on a highly personalized level.

Brooke and Benjamin R. Gettler P ‘25 ‘27 ‘34

The Gettlers learned about the school’s master plan and saw the need for Gulliver’s unparalleled programs to have world-class facilities. Noting that Gulliver’s athletic programs have been a source of camaraderie and self-esteem for their children, and that physical fitness is an essential part of education, the Gettlers came forward with a transformational gift to name the Gettler Family Fitness Center, which will be located in the new Athletic Center on the Upper School Campus.

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Middle school student building.

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