All in the Family:
Mack Cycle


Advanced Broadcast students Amelie Santini 25, Bibi Eichenberg 25, Julia Piquet 25, and Desmond Howard 24 won second place with this news feature segment in the 2021 Student Television Network (STN) Challenge. The national contest involved an intense competition as our Gulliver Prep teams went head-to-head with some of the leading student broadcast groups in the country. Students had just four days to plan, write, film, and produce a news feature segment on the topic of “all in the family.”

Our second-place team completed their piece on the local, family-run business, Mack Cycle. Mack Cycle also runs in the Gulliver family, as Rachel Losada 08 and Sandra Losada 12 both help their mother, Mary Jane, run the business.