Middle, Upper School Students Shine in 2021 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards Regional Competition

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Prep School Students Win Writing Awards

A record number of Middle and Upper School students have earned recognition for original works of art and written pieces entered in the 2021 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards regional competition. This year’s virtual exhibition can be viewed on the M-DCPS Art Education Program YouTube Channel, where it will remain permanently.

Five Gulliver students earned the highest distinction and were recognized as Gold Key Award winners. These students will move on to compete at the national level, and National Gold medalists will be announced in the spring.

Architecture Students Win Awards

Architecture students won 14 out of 22 total awards in the architecture and design category this year, more than any other school in Miami-Dade County. Sixteen students earned a total of 22 Silver Key awards, with Olivia Bueno ‘25, Stéfano Haddad ‘25, and Julian Ruiz Luzio ‘21 notching more than one accolade across several categories. Seventeen students earned 25 Honorable Mention honors, as Julian, Eva Cazar ’22, Katelyn Hartnett ’21, Amanda Mechaber ’21, Sebastian Merlo Garzon ’21, and Karela Palazio ’21 each were repeat winners in various categories.

The following students were honored in the 2021 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards regional competition:


Gold Key Winners

Molly Atkins ’23, Sculpture

Julia Bueno ‘23, Writing

Lucie Duchene ’22, Painting

Ivan Pankov ‘24, Critical Essay, “Is nuclear power the best energy source for humanity?”

Bruno Rebessi ’21, Sculpture


Silver Key Award Winners

Hadley Bowen ’23, Sculpture

Julia Bueno ‘23, Writing

Olivia Bueno ‘25, Drawing & Illustration, The Skeptic

Olivia Bueno ‘25, Drawing & Illustration, Contemplation

Olivia Bueno ‘25, Painting, Reclaim 

Carolina Di Blasio ’22, Painting

Jaime Dickinson ‘25, Drawing & Illustration, Durer’s Apache

Natalie Guillamon ’21, Digital Art, 3 Stages of Grief

Natalie Guillamon ’21, Personal Essay & Memoir, “Courageous letter to my father”

Stéfano Haddad ‘25, Drawing & Illustration, Silence 

Stéfano Haddad ‘25, Drawing & Illustration, Euphoria

Mauricio Luzardo ’22, Digital Art

Sofia Mueller ’21, Sculpture

Karela Palazio ’21, Painting

Marcos Tobi Recondo ’22, Architecture

Julian Ruiz Luzio ’21, Sculpture (x2)

Julian Ruiz Luzio ’21, Photography (x2)

Abigail Sharp ’22, Architecture

Ariana Suarez ‘25, Drawing & Illustration, Black Mamba Forever

Mercedes Vargas ’22, Architecture

Lucas Wilson-Bevington ‘25, Architecture


Honorable Mentions

Tiago Abreu ’22, Architecture

Molly Atkins ’23, Drawing

Eva Cazar ’22, Architecture (x2)

Julia Bueno ‘23, Writing

Gina Copetti ‘25, Drawing & Illustration, Enchanted Still Life 

Jaime Dickinson ‘25, Drawing & Illustration, Hoodie

Lucie Duchene ’22, Painting

Katelyn Hartnett ’21, Drawing (x2)

Maria Sofia Latour ’22, Drawing

Amanda Mechaber ’21, Sculpture (x2)

Sebastian Merlo Garzon ’21, Architecture (x3)

Sebastian Merlo Garzon ’21, Mixed Media (x2)

William Olrich ’23, Architecture

Karela Palazio ’21, Drawing

Karela Palazio ’21, Digital Art

Pablo Perez-Bedmar Merello ’22, Architecture

Marcos Tobi Recondo ’22, Architecture

Julian Ruiz-Luzio ’21, Sculpture

Julian Ruiz Luzio ’21, Photography

Erika Travieso-Benitez ‘24, Science Fiction & Fantasy, “Frothed Breath”

Lucas Wilson-Bevington ‘25, Architecture


Middle school student building.

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