Middle and Upper School Thespians Return to Competition Stage

Academics Arts

Middle and Upper School theatre students recently participated in a pair of festivals, demonstrating undeniable talent and perseverance in their first live competitions in nearly two years.

Middle School Drama Troupe 88015

Competing in the Junior Thespians District 4 Festival, our Middle School Drama Troupe 88015 received nine Superior and nine Excellent Ratings, including a Critics Choice in Solo Pantomime, qualifying for states in each event. For Upper School, the Gulliver Prep Players Troupe 2450 took its production of Midsummer Jersey to the International Thespian Society One Act Festival, earning several individual accolades.

Congratulations to all of our performers!

Middle School Drama Troupe 88015

Superior Solo Pantomime (Critics Choice): Luiza Padoveze Goncalves

  • Superior Solo Pantomime (Critics Choice): Luiza Padoveze Goncalves (pictured, right)
  • Superior Monologue: Julia Varella Chaves
  • Superior Monologue: Riley Prescott
  • Superior Duet Acting: Fernanda Cerquiera & Maya Altman
  • Superior Duet Acting: Massimo Harris & Riley Prescott
  • Superior Solo Musical: Fernanda Naranjo Franco
  • Superior Solo Musical: Francesca Sagrera
  • Superior Duet Musical: Carmen Kavalekas & Mia Solarte
  • Superior Duet Musical: Francesca Sagrera & Gabriela Celic
  • Excellent Monologue: Fernanda Cerquiera
  • Excellent Duet Acting: Annabelle Laemmli & Carlota Mosquera Moro
  • Excellent Ensemble Acting: Luiza Padoveze Goncalves, Ella Vargas, Max Tabatchnick & Vincent Sargi
  • Excellent Solo Musical: Charlotte Levinger
  • Excellent Solo Musical: Mika Ringel
  • Excellent Solo Musical: Mia Solarte
  • Excellent Duet Musical: Alice Levinger & Sophia Eichenwald Braghin
  • Excellent Small Group Musical: Elena Bueter, Alice Levinger & Charlotte Levinger
  • Excellent Small Group Musical: Fernanda Naranjo Franco, Gabriela Celic, Maya Altman, Carmen Kavalekas, Julia Varella Chaves, Mika Ringel & Sophia Eichenwald Braghin

Troupe 2450, Midsummer JerseyGulliver Prep Players Troupe 2450

  • All Star Cast Member: Nia Catoggio
  • All Star Cast Member: Esther Enekes
  • Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy: Valeria Bigott
  • Best Student Director: Ian Gill