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On November 7, Gulliver Prep’s Middle School Drama Troupe 88015 participated in its first Junior Thespian Virtual Festival. Students received 15 Superior and 12 Excellent ratings, and all their events qualified for state competition. Individual honors and a highlight video can be found below.

  • Superior Monologue: Marena Goodman
  • Superior Monologue: Siena McKelvey
  • Superior Monologue: Bibiana Eichenberg
  • Superior Monologue: Mila Jusidman
  • Superior Monologue: Mariah Milano
  • Superior Solo Musical: Fernanda Naranjo
  • Superior Solo Musical: Samuel Levinger
  • Superior Solo Musical: Jenna Perez
  • Superior Solo Musical: Giovanna Musiello
  • Superior Solo Musical: Isabella Giraldez
  • Superior Duet Acting: Annabella Cavallaro, Sofia Ciperksi
  • Superior Duet Musical: Fernanda Naranjo, Olivia Pozo
  • Superior Duet Musical: Julia Piquet, Siena McKelvey
  • Superior Duet Musical: Isabella Giraldez, Mariah Milano
  • Superior Duet Musical: David Tabatchnik, Elijah Leano
  • Excellent MonologueJoaquin Sandaal
  • Excellent MonologueGabriela Celic
  • Excellent MonologueDavid Tabatchnik
  • Excellent Solo MusicalMartina Rodriguez
  • Excellent Solo Musical: Siena McKelvey
  • Excellent Duet Acting: Caterina Frascolla, Mila Jusidman
  • Excellent Duet Acting: Chloe Burstin, Vanessa Brandt
  • Excellent Duet Acting: Carolina Egea, Isabella Egea
  • Excellent Ensemble Acting: Joana Zica, Marena Goodman, Martina Rodriguez
  • Excellent Small Group Musical: Carolina Egea, Fernanda Naranjo, Gabriela Celic, Isabella Giraldez, Maya Altman, Vanessa Brandt
  • Excellent Large Group Musical: Annabella Cavallaro, Bibiana Eichenberg, Caterina Frascola, David Tabatchnik, Elijah Leano, Fernanda Naranjo, Giovanna Musiello, Jenna Perez, Joaquin Sandaal, Marena Goodman, Olivia Pozo, Sofia Ciperski, Mariah Milano, Isabella Egea
  • Excellent Large Group Musical: Chloe Burstin, Gabriela Celic, Isabella Giraldez, Joana Zica, Julia Piquet, Martina Rodriguez, Maya Altman, Mila Jusidman, Ruthie Neuhaus, Samuel Levinger, Siena McKelvey, Vanessa Brandt


Middle school student building.

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