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Through our Faculty/Staff Spotlight series, we invite our community members to get to know Gulliver Prep teachers and staff members across every division. This week, our spotlight features Rick Cruz, Upper School Math Faculty. Read on to learn about how he became the voice of the Raiders, his favorite sports team, and more.

How long have you been at Gulliver? What is your favorite thing about our school?

This is my 22nd year at Gulliver. My favorite thing about our school is the students!

What is one thing people may not know about you? 

If I tell you, then they will know?

You are well-known in the Gulliver community as the voice of the Raiders. How did you get involved announcing sporting events, and why are you so passionate about it?

Being a former Varsity Boys’ Basketball and Baseball Coach, I was always busy during the winter and spring sports calendar. Since I was free from athletics in the fall, I asked about announcing the football games. Now, over two decades later, I primarily announce the football games but have also done volleyball, lacrosse, soccer, basketball, baseball, and water polo. I am passionate about sports, as they mirror life and have been good to me, while also being well aware of the amount of time invested by the players and coaches. The least I can do is respect the effort that they put into it and give back what I can.

Have you always taught math? How did you become interested in teaching this subject?

I have always taught math, specifically Geometry. Having a business background, I am a numbers person who tends to be logical, practical, and visual. This matches up well in the math universe.

How do you keep high school students engaged in, and wanting to learn, math?

Students are in school to learn about themselves, using their curriculum to assist with that. Social time like lunch and extracurricular activities also aid in this discovery. Math is a universal language that they will use every day for the rest of their lives.


Raider Rapid Fire! 

Favorite Gulliver event or time of year, and why: Graduation, because of the sense of accomplishment for students, families, friends, faculty, and our school.

The last book you read: One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest by Ken Kesey

A song that puts you in a good mood every time:Born to Run” by The Boss, Bruce Springsteen

Favorite sports team: University of Florida Gators

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