Architecture Signature Academic Program Workshops, Guest Lecturers

Over the past few weeks, Upper School Architecture Faculty, Emily Wilson, AIA LEED, welcomed several guests into her virtual classrooms for workshops and lectures. Gulliver’s Architecture Signature Academic Program prepares students for successful careers in architecture, urban planning, and industrial design, and welcoming guests of this caliber enables students to see architecture in action in the real world.

ArchiCAD Workshops
ArchiCAD Trainer Jon Sage from Graphisoft visited Zoom classrooms to lead workshops for all architecture students. ArchiCAD is one of the first BIM CAD programs, designed in Budapest, Hungary in 1984. Students were able to view local projects that are designed in the BIM CAD software as well as learn more about ArchiCAD and its design capabilities, directly from the company. They have been using the software for designing, model building, hyper model export, STL export, VR interface, and renderings. In addition, ArchiCAD has partnered with Epic Games to create an After Effects plugin called Twinmotion, for the BIM CAD software. Kevin Cabral, author of “Exploring ArchiCAD” also visited the Urban Design class to demonstrate how he has utilized this new program. 

Local Designers Visit Industrial Design Class
Miami-based architects Moe Albitar and Gulliver alum Douglas Parent ’06 visited the Industrial Design Architecture class to discuss their work, practices, and methodologies. Both designers work together as part of Skycongroup to design and build local office spaces. Students enjoyed meeting the architects to talk about their own projects, as well as design and building strategies. They had recently participated in an international French competition designing workspaces of the future and had the pleasure of sharing their ideas and projects with Mr. Parent and Albitar.

Urban Design Class Welcomes International, Los Angeles-based Architects
Ecuadorian architects Felipe Escudero and Alicia Ordonez, and Los Angeles-based architect Victoria Casasco of Casasco Studios visited the Urban Design Architecture class. The students enjoyed meeting the architects to discuss their ideas, methods, and work. Mr. Escudero is a leading designer in Quito, Ecuador, designing stellar contemporary projects of varying building types. Victoria Casasco is a leading architect and educator in the U.S., having taught at Yale University, Sci-Arc, and Columbia University. She has practiced across the country, working on residential and planning projects. A special thanks to Sebastian Merlo-Garzon ’21, Co-president of the Architecture Club, for inviting Mr. Escudero to visit the class.