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Camille L. Wagner '12Camille Wagner ‘12 is the founder of Wagner PLLC. She is an experienced defense attorney in both criminal and civil matters, who is barred in the District of Columbia and in Florida. Read on to learn about Wagner’s career path, how Gulliver helped prepare her for college and beyond, her advice to current students, a quote that motivates her, and more!

Q: What are you up to these days?

A: I am a criminal defense attorney in Washington, D.C. at the firm I founded called Wagner PLLC. I represent clients for both criminal and civil matters but focus mostly on criminal law. I spend my days going to court (virtually), writing motions and filings, and assisting my clients in any way they need to achieve their goals.

Q: What do you like about the work you are doing now? Describe your career path.

A: What I love the most about criminal defense is being in court arguing and fighting for my clients. The courtroom is a second home for me at this point. After graduating from Gulliver in 2012, I went to Syracuse University and double majored in Political Science and Communications & Rhetorical Studies. I graduated in 2015 and decided to continue down the legal path. I decided to go to UDC David A. Clarke School of Law and had an amazing experience. I graduated in 2018 and thankfully passed the Florida Bar in July. I then waived into the D.C. Bar. After passing the Bar, I started out as a prosecutor for a year and then decided to switch to defense and open up my own firm, Wagner PLLC.

Q: Is there anything you learned during your time at Gulliver Prep that you feel was helpful in your career?

A: To work hard and stay focused on the task at hand. I had amazing teachers that were so passionate about what they taught and that was an inspiration.

Q: What experiences did you have at Gulliver that helped prepare you for college and beyond?

A: I don’t remember the teacher’s last name – only her first name: Jenifer. She was my writing teacher if I am not mistaken. If I look back and ask myself who helped me the most to prepare for college it would have to be her. She is the one that took the time to help me write an amazing college essay. She is also the one that always pushed me to do better.

Q: Are there any Gulliver teachers or coaches that you credit as having been a positive influence on you?

A: Jenifer (as mentioned above); Mr. Thompson (the math teacher) who also took a lot of time to help me in anything I needed; and Mr. Bateman (may he Rest In Peace) for his positive attitude and amazing energy.

Q: What is one of your favorite memories from your time at Gulliver Prep?

A: Mr. Thompson’s candy/chocolate drawer.

Q: What has been one of your proudest moments thus far?

A: Starting Wagner PLLC during a pandemic and helping my very first client get his case completely dismissed in a felony matter.

Q: As a Gulliver Prep alum, what advice would you give to current students?

A: Think of who you want to become and act that way now.

Camille L. Wagner '12

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