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Aaria Suvarna ‘32 - Aaria's BakeryAaria Suvarna ‘32 has loved baking since she was four years old, and in January 2024, she decided to take her love for the hobby and turn it into a business. Introducing: Aaria’s Bakery

“I wanted to see my passion and something that I like to do be turned into something where I could see a smile on other people’s faces,” Aaria said. “I know it’s just a pastry or something, but if someone isn’t feeling good that day it can lighten their mood. ”

She credits her mom as her inspiration to start Aaria’s Bakery, remembering fondly how she used to climb onto a chair or stool to reach the countertop when she was younger.

“My mom taught me to bake, and she inspired me. She has also helped me understand how to sell my products. In February, I went to the Key Biscayne Kid’s Marketplace and she taught me how to talk to people. I was nervous but once I started doing it, I got the hang of it.”

Aaria Suvarna ‘32 - Aaria's Bakery

Her guidance paid off, as Aaria’s Bakery was nominated for Best Sales Team and the Most Creative Stand. “My team and I were very happy to have sold out of all our bakery goods and to be nominated since it was our first time at the marketplace. The main purpose of taking part in the marketplace was to introduce my baked goods to the general public, and also learn how to market them and learn from other creative entrepreneurs.”

Aaria also credits Gulliver for supporting her venture and helping her have a successful business, as she has built confidence at school and learned both personal and technological skills. 

“When I created my logo and menu I used Canva which is an app I learned how to use in technology class,” she said. “Also, Gulliver helped me build confidence with making friends and talking to people. My Gulliver community has been my strongest support system and my biggest cheerleaders.”

Upon her arrival at Gulliver in second grade, Aaria was a bit nervous in her new school environment. Two years later, she has immersed herself in friends and activities, including swimming, chorus, and art. Outside of school, she plays the piano.

“The most challenging part of having my business is keeping up with it because I have other activities and school,”  Aaria said. “I have to keep all of that up and find time in my schedule. The part I enjoy the most is baking, of course. It’s fun!” 

Aaria Suvarna ‘32 - Aaria's BakeryAaria’s Bakery’s offerings include chocolate chip cookies, chocolate cupcakes, cake pops, and marble sponge cake. “I like to bake everything. Some things are harder than others and some take more time. I make these chocolate cupcakes and it doesn’t look like it takes a lot of time but it does. I like making cookies because I can go in with my hands and it’s fun to play around. Some people might feel cooking or baking is something they have to do for people, but I like doing it in my free time and it makes me feel better. It’s something I don’t have to do, but that I like doing.”

What’s next for Aaria’s Bakery? While continuing to make sure her desserts give happiness and joy to whoever tries them, Aaria is looking forward to trying out new recipes. She aspires to eventually have her desserts available in coffee shops throughout Miami.


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