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Marcelo Miranda ‘25 is a multi-sport athlete at the Middle School

Marcelo Miranda ‘25 is a multi-sport athlete at the Middle School and is looked to as a leader by his teammates and coaches. 

“I have been coaching Marcelo for two years in basketball,” said Middle School Head Coach Harry Gordon. “He is a natural born leader and commands respect from the other players. He assumes a leadership role quite naturally, and he is intelligent and does everything to the best of his abilities.”

A member of the National Junior Honor Society (NJHS), Marcelo is looking forward to all the opportunities available to him next year at the Upper School. Read on to learn about his Gulliver journey, who he looks up to, what he’s most looking forward to about high school, and more.


Q: How long have you been playing basketball? Do you play any other sports?

A: I have been playing basketball for over three years now and have grown to love the sport. Apart from basketball I play football, and last year I played my first year of lacrosse which I really enjoyed.

Q: Who are three people you look up to when it comes to sports, school, and everyday life?

A: In the world there are many to look up to but, I definitely look up to my dad because of his great work ethic and his incredible accomplishments. Kobe Bryant is also a person I look up to because of his unique mindset. Another person I look up to in the sports world is Tom Brady because he has proven every single person who has doubted him wrong. 

Q: Coach Gordon describes you as a natural leader. Do you see yourself as a leader? Why do you think leading comes easy to you? 

A: I do see myself as a leader just because I am very vocal on the court. With this, I think it has to be because I am comfortable under my coaches and I get along very well with all my teammates. I work in practice to not only become better but to help my teammates improve, too. 

Q: In your two years at Gulliver, what teacher or coach has really impacted you?

A: In my two years at Gulliver I have had great teachers. A teacher that has stood out though is Ms. Picado, my Spanish teacher. I believe that she really understands her students. Apart from her, Coach Gordon last year told me to try out for basket

ball. At the time, I was debating whether to play soccer or basketball, and once he told me to try out I decided to play basketball. 

Q: While at Gulliver, have you discovered a new passion? 

A: I discovered the sport of lacrosse and grew to love it. Before last year when I arrived at Gulliver, it had never passed my mind that I would ever play lacrosse. I was pushed by my friends to try it and ended up loving lacrosse and plan to play again this year.

Q: What are you most looking forward to about going to high school next year?

A: I am very excited and look forward to all the electives next year. As I was shown by my high school counselors there are many interesting classes and electives that are offered to us students. 





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