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Gulliver Prep’s Middle School Drama Troupe 88015 recently participated in the 2022 Junior Thespian District 4 Festival. Students received 18 Superior and 2 Excellent ratings, including 5 Top Honors and a Critics Choice in Solo Pantomime, and all their events qualified for state competition. Individual honors and a video of the Critics Choice performance by Evan Weinstein can be found below.

  • Superior Solo Pantomime (Critics Choice): Evan Weinstein
  • Superior Monologue (Top Honors): Luiza Padoveze Goncalves
  • Superior Monologue (Top Honors): Sofi Ingham Gonzalez
  • Superior Monologue: Victoria Tarrazzi
  • Superior Monologue: Giacomo Harris
  • Superior Solo Musical (Top Honors): Mika Isaias
  • Superior Solo Musical (Top Honors): Alice Levinger
  • Superior Solo Musical: Francesca Segrera
  • Superior Solo Musical: Charlotte Levinger
  • Superior Solo Musical: Elena Bueter
  • Superior Duet Acting: Julia Varella Chaves & Sydney Wider
  • Superior Duet Acting: Sofi Ingham Gonzalez & Nina Stier
  • Superior Duet Musical: Victoria Tarrazzi & Siena De Maria
  • Superior Ensemble Acting (Top Honors): Luiza Padoveze Goncalves, Sofi Ingham Gonzalez, Victoria Tarrazzi, Scarlett Freeman, Siena De Maria, Nina Stier, Mika Isaias, Julia Varella Chaves
  • Superior Small Group Musical: Vincent Sargi, Andreas Theimann, Kai Hellmund
  • Superior Small Group Musical: Chiara Wagner Ingletto, Alice Levinger, Charlotte Levinger, Francesca Segrera, Siena De Maria, Elena Bueter, Julia Varella Chaves
  • Superior Large Group Musical: Luiza Padoveze Goncalvez, Kai Hellmund, Mika Isaias, Charlotte Levinger, Alice Levinger, Evan Weinstein, Francesca Segrera, Sydney Wider, Scarlett Freeman, Sofia Franco, Giacomo Harris
  • Superior Marketing Design: Evan Weinstein
  • Excellent Group Pantomime: Matthew Toledo, Sofia Franco, Kai Hellmund, Scarlett Freeman
  • Excellent Ensemble Acting: Vincent Sargi, Matthew Bartel, Max Taylor, Andreas Thiemann, Matthew Toledo, Evan Weinstein, Sydney Wider

Middle school student building.

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